FlightWire’s modular approach to IEEE-1394 hubs and repeaters allow us to create single channel and multi-channel configurations quickly and easily. We can quickly customize enclosures to accommodate the number of channels and connector type (IEEE-1394 6-pin, 9-pin, 38999, etc…) required for the application.  Using our IEEE-1394 FPGA experience, FlightWire has created configurable switched hubs and intelligent / smart repeaters (iRepeater) that provide IEEE-1394 bus status and port connectivity and bit error rate information.

1394 Repeaters and Hubs

Multi-Channel Repeaters and Hubs

FlightWire can incorporate multiple FW-MIL-1CH3-R-400 (Repeater) into an enclosure to form multi-channel repeaters/hubs. The enclosure and number of channels can be can be customized to meet our customers requirements. Please contact FlightWire for more information.

FW-MIL-1CH3-R-400 Repeater

The FW-MIL-1CH3-R-400 (Repeater) is a 3-port transformer coupled unenclosed S200β and S400β capable repeater/hub with vertical connectors. The Repeater maybe configured with right angle connector for applications with limited vertical space (stacked Repeaters). An enclosed version is also available. Additionally, if S100β operation is required active transformers that support S100β and S200β operation can be installed. The FW-MIL-1CH3-R-400 includes an optional activity indicator connection.

IEEE-1394 repeaters and hubs are used in various applications such as extending cable lengths, LRU replacement during manufacturing, module/cable debug in both manufacturing and sustainment applications. From  single channel to multi-channel, from copper to fiber optic our modular approach allows us to quickly adapt our hubs/repeaters to meet our customers requirements.

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