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FlightWire has teamed up with MRV Communications to provide both copper and optical SFPs for their 72 and 144 Media Cross Connect switches. The FW-SFP-1394b provides IEEE-1394 Beta 9-pin copper connectivity and our FW-SFP-FO-1394b provides IEEE-1394 Beta LC fiber optic connectivity.  



Repeaters and Hubs

IEEE-1394 repeaters and hubs are used in various applications such as extending cable lengths, LRU replacement during manufacturing, module/cable debug in both manufacturing and sustainment applications. From  single channel to multi-channel, from copper to fiber optic our modular approach allows us to quickly adapt our hubs/repeaters to meet our customers requirements.


Test Equipment, Test Fixtures and Adapter Boards

FlightWire's iRepeater (FW-IRB400-SK) is the anchor in our growing list of IEEE-1394  test equipment. Ideally suited for sustainment, maintenance and assembly applications, the iRepeater quickly and easily detects wire harness and module connectivity issues. Please contact FlightWire for more information and current pricing.

Additionally, FlightWire provides various test fixture and adapter boards so whether it is connecting 38999 connectors to commercial 9-pin connectors or measuring signal integrity, FlightWire can surely meet your needs with our growing list of standard products or with our custom design services. 

OHCI Host Adapters

1394 OHCI Host Adapters

FlightWire provides IEEE-1394 OHCI Host Adapter boards in various configurations. Single node (channel), Multi-node (channel), DC and AC coupled (transformer) with PCI or PCIe host bus support. Supported form factors in PMC, XMC, VNX. Most of our host adapters can be configured to operate at S100β, S200β and S400β. S800β support is offered on some platforms.  


1394 FPGA IP

FlightWire independently created AS5643 optimized IEEE-1394-2008 Beta FPGA Intellectual Property (IP).  Our IEEE-1394-2008 Beta PHY implementation architecture supports 1 to 16 ports operating at S100β to S800β data rates. Our IEEE-1394-2008 OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) Link Layer controller supports both Alpha and Beta PHY/Link interface modes. Our IP has been optimized to increase robustness of our implementation to better support AS5643 aerospace applications.             

Awarded the SBIR contract for AF-151-160 Common Embedded Vehicle Network Diagnostics Interface Hardware has allowed FlightWire to work with our teacher customers to refine and productize our implementation.  


Cable Harnesses

FlightWire custom designs and manufactures our cables right here in the USA. Whether it is single or multi-channel cables we can provide the right cable for your application. Our engineering staff understands the shielding and strain relief requirements needed to build robust and durable cable harnesses.