• Date rate support:

     -  Copper: S100β, S200β, S400β and S800β
     -  Fiber: S100β, S200β, S400β, S800β and S1600β

  • Full transparency to other network nodes
  • Two media connection models

     -  9-pin ( FW-SFP-1394B )
     -  LC optical ( FW-SFP-FO-1394B )

  • IEEE-1394b (Beta) standard compliant
  • MRV 72 and 144 Media Cross Connect and Fiber Driver Compatibility

IEEE-1394B ( FireWire ) SFPs


  • Copper SFPs double the physical reach of IEEE-1394 ( FireWire ) networks when used in repeater configuration.
  • Works with the MCC (Media Cross Connect) to simplify remote network topology changes for test/simulation automation.
  • Allows the use of mixed copper and fiber optic infrastructures when used as fiber-to-copper media converter. 

Using the MRV MMC software connect any
device to any other device.

FlightWire Technology, Inc. has worked with MRV to provide IEEE-1394-2008 Beta standard compliant copper and optical SFP devices that work seamlessly with the MRV 72 and 144 Media Cross Connect product.

FW-SFP-1394B and FW-SFP-FO-1394B Overview

The SFP-1394 transceivers work at the physical network layer using bit-for-bit operations. The SFP-1394 are logically transparent (they don’t appear as nodes on the 1394 bus) to other network devices. When couple with the MRV Media Cross Connect system the SFP-1394 support range extension, topology changes, fiber-to-copper media conversion, and a full range of data rates (see Features section).

The FW-SFP-1394B copper transceivers provide IEEE-1394b (Beta) connectivity through a 9-pin Beta connector. The copper SFPs support S100β, S200β, S400β and S800β.

The FW-SFP-FO-1394B fiber optic transceivers provide IEEE-1394b (Beta) connective through an LC connector. The optical SFPs transmits up to 150 meters using a wavelength of 850 nanometers over 62.5-micron multi-mode optical fiber. 

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